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EXIF Viewer/Shutter Life Expectancy

I stopped posting EXIF data a while back because I got annoyed that the built-in info viewer for my Mac didn’t show ISO.  I ran across one that does and downloaded it, so I may start posting the information again.  The program is free for download (for Mac) at if you’re interested.

It also shows the number of shots you have taken with your camera (actuations)  which is useful if you want to know how much life your shutter has left in it.  I think most DSLRS are good for about 100,000 shots.   I’m up to 16,000+ on my D90 and 17,000+ on my D50.  You can look up the life expectancy for your specific camera here: Digital Photography School just did an article with info on how to find actuations for different brands of cameras.

March 23rd – Nature Photography Resource

I probably won’t get a photo up today since it’s Tuesday, but I came across something I thought was interesting, so I’m posting it instead.  BBC Wildlife Magazine has its series of Photo Masterclasses available for online viewing and download.  I haven’t looked through them in depth yet, but it looks like they might have some good tips.

Site for Viewing Photo Settings

Ever wonder what the settings were on some photograph you see online?  I’ve quit posting my EXIF data for the most part, because I often don’t feel like typing it.  If you go to and paste the URL of the image you’re interested in, you can see all of the settings the photographer used when taking the photo.