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Random Shots and Changes to the Blog

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be working at a summer camp until the beginning of August.  Then shortly after that, I’m starting my first full-time job.  This will obviously leave less time for taking photos and posting. I’ve scheduled some posts for the next few weeks of camp, but they may be a bit rough. I will try to keep up with the weekly photo challenge, but am making no promises.  I will resume posting in August, but with my job I will be posting a couple of times a week instead of every weekday. So although posts will be less frequent, they will definitely be happening.

So for today, enjoy a couple of random shots.  I loved the bright color on this hay hauler, and I always have liked the numbers nailed to our electric pole in the second shot.

Fun with the National Gallery of Art

I decided to take a break from photography today to share some online fun.  It was shared with me that The National Gallery of Art has an online kids zone with lots of interactive art projects, so I decided to check it out.  It is pretty cool (even if you aren’t a kid).  I made a couple of collages with the collage maker that I’ll share below.

One Year Of Vision – Favorite Monthly Photos

It’s the 365th day of my blog! 197 posts, 17 categories, 291 tags and 1274 views ago I started an attempt at posting a daily photo.  It didn’t stay a photo every day, but it’s by far the longest and most updated I’ve ever kept my website. In honor of this historic occasion, I’ve decided to post my favorite photo from each of the previous 12 months as a recap.  There were months were it was tough to choose, and months where I wasn’t a big fan of anything (or barely took anything).  It took a bit of combing through the archives (and a long post), but here they are:






May (this was a very good month - it was tough to choose)