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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

This week’s photo challenge was “On the Way.”  A little backstory – My sister finally got her new (used) car that was getting fixed up. It’s this really bright gold color, and being the Star Wars geeks that we are, she decided to name it C-3PO. To go with it my parents got her a C-3PO figurine. While I was waiting around for people to arrive for her graduation party, I decided he needed to go on a little adventure. I think he’s on the way to some trouble…

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Happy Easter!

Not really a great photo, but I was proud of my cake decorating skills

Fun with the National Gallery of Art

I decided to take a break from photography today to share some online fun.  It was shared with me that The National Gallery of Art has an online kids zone with lots of interactive art projects, so I decided to check it out.  It is pretty cool (even if you aren’t a kid).  I made a couple of collages with the collage maker that I’ll share below.