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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

This week’s photo challenge was “spring.” It’s finally starting to feel like it, with the warmer weather and everything getting green again. Here are my spring photos!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I missed a couple of weeks because things have been busy and it’s been too cold and nasty outside for me to bring myself to go out and take photos. However, I did come up with some photos for this week’s “abandoned” challenge.

I don't know what these wooden things are. Ideas?

I don’t know what these wooden things are. Ideas?

Corn sheller

Corn sheller



Weekly Photo Challenge: One

It’s been a while since I posted, with school being crazy before winter break and me also forgetting my camera at my parents’ house for a while. So here is a catch-up post for “one“.



One fallen leaf on the snow




A lone bird poking her head out in the cold