Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

It was beautiful night last night. Upper sixties at the end of July is some miraculous weather.  Perfect for a bonfire, which was of course a great opportunity for creating the perfectly roasted marshmallow – a masterpiece of a marshmallow!  The fire lit and kept going with only two matches, which my sister claims was a result of her “half teepee triangle” fire-building technique.  It was a wonderful evening with some delicious s’mores.

The Perfect Fire

The Perfect Fire

Roasting Time!

Roasting Time!

Golden Brown

The Marshmallow Masterpiece


About amcnabb3

I’m a high school math teacher who loves teaching and photography.

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  1. These look so yummy but where are the graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores?

  2. Yum! Great shots! S’mores are definitely a favorite! Next time try with peanut butter cups instead of just plain old chocolate. Or Nutella. Taking the s’mores up a notch! So yummy!

  3. I love eating marshmallows roasted over an open fire….reminds me so of my childhood!

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