Monthly Archives: November 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I’m still running a couple of weeks behind, but here are some “wonder” shots.  If I hadn’t put captions on them, could you figure out what they are?  Or would you just be stuck wondering?

Hand Sanitizer

Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Pepper Shaker

Runts Candy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

A bit of an old challenge, but I wasn’t quite done with my “wonder” shots yet.  I was a bit stuck on the “hidden” challenge from a few weeks ago, but then I was taking some black and white photos last weekend, and I decided they would do nicely.  There is hidden  beauty and simplicity that in some things that color can just be a distraction from.  If it doesn’t work in color, try it in black and white.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Here are my photos for the “windows” challenge. A couple are new and a couple are old shots that I was looking through and liked.