Monthly Archives: October 2011

Random Nature Shots

I haven’t gotten the photo challenge taken yet this week, so here are a few random shots that I hadn’t gotten around to posting.  I thought they all worked pretty well in square format, so I decided to post them that way.

Pine Tree


Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

I’m skipping last week’s photo challenge because I wasn’t out much around sunset and I just was kind of feeling like I’d done it a million times before.  So on to this week, “comfort.”  There’s nothing like a little nature walk with my camera for a little comfort and peace, especially if it involves walking through the woods. Here are few shots.

Under the Trees

Resting Spot

Walking a Trail

Fall Color


There are always more spiderwebs around than I realize when I go out and walk on a damp morning.  They’re everywhere among the grass and weeds.  However, I discovered it is really difficult to photograph them when you have your dog along.  I’d be really careful to walk around all the webs, and then the dog would crash through the weeds and destroy them. Sigh… I still got some shots though.

Web in the weeds


Lots of webs