Monthly Archives: September 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Here’s the photo challenge for this week: fall.  I’ll probably post a few more this weekend once I do some additional editing.  It’s a bit early for trees to be turning here (and with the drought they’re kind of going straight to brown), but there was still a lot of fall color to be found outside.



Virginia Creeper



Fall bouquet

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Okay, it’s not my best challenge, but it is on time.

Sometimes faces pop up when you least expect them…  Like this bobcat I came across in a tree.  I knew they lived in the area, but I had never seen one before.  Naturally, I didn’t have my D90 with me, but the point and shoot didn’t do too bad of a job.  This was a young, small bobcat, probably about 2 ft long. It looked a bit wet and miserable up in this tree on a rainy day.



Looking a bit wet and miserable

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

The weekly photo challenge for last week was textured.  Here are some different textures I came up with.

Window curtains and blinds

Grass along the road