One Year Of Vision – Favorite Monthly Photos

It’s the 365th day of my blog! 197 posts, 17 categories, 291 tags and 1274 views ago I started an attempt at posting a daily photo.  It didn’t stay a photo every day, but it’s by far the longest and most updated I’ve ever kept my website. In honor of this historic occasion, I’ve decided to post my favorite photo from each of the previous 12 months as a recap.  There were months were it was tough to choose, and months where I wasn’t a big fan of anything (or barely took anything).  It took a bit of combing through the archives (and a long post), but here they are:






May (this was a very good month - it was tough to choose)









About amcnabb3

I’m a high school math teacher who loves teaching and photography.

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  1. I like Oct.,Dec. and Nov. They are really great.

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