Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

This week’s challenge was “connected.” Here are my shots.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Well, it was the back to school frenzy for a couple of weeks, but I’m back with the “from every angle” challenge. I think a couple of these might actually have been take by my mom, since we were camera sharing on a trip over the summer. Nice job to her! So I don’t claim credit for all of them except in editing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

This week’s photo challenge was “beneath your feet.” Here are a few things that were beneath my feet this weekend.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This week’s challenge was “inspiration.”  It’s hard to define what inspires you, but I always enjoy nature and it gives me new ideas and subjects constantly.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

This week’s challenge was “close up.” My DSLR isn’t the best for macro photography, so these aren’t super close up, more like just noticing some small details from everyday things.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

This week’s challenge was “half and half.” So here are some photos with a dividing line. I’m currently unable to download any new photos to my computer, so I had to scavenge my library for some old ones.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

I missed last week’s challenge, but I’m back this week with some doors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

This week’s photo challenge was ROYGBIV. So here are my shots for the colors of the rainbow!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

It’s summer, and while I love it, I also hate hot temperatures (especially with a broken air-conditioner at my house). So here are some off-season photos looking back at winter and that lovely cold snow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

The weekly photo challenge this week is “vivid.” There’s lots of summer color and brightness outside, so this was a pretty easy one.